Sparkling me

Hi! I’m Marlies. Dutch, with a big hart for Italy.
I worked 25 years in tourism, communications and events. That’s where I learned the love for and the power of storytelling.

In 2019 I picked up my old love for drawing again. Thanks to Mel Robbins post: “Is it ONE day, or is this day ONE?” I started posting my drawings on Instagram. I received beautiful feedback and within two weeks I had my first clients! To Sparkle was born.

Visual Storyteller

I help clients covey who they are and what they stand for. I do this by capturing their story in a pen drawing and incorporating it into (business) gifts and communication expressions.

I learned to appreciate the power of simplicity In Italy (home base for 2 years). That’s what you also see in my drawings. Capturing your essence.

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Marlies Meijerink-Kruger

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