The beginning

As a child I drew a lot. For some reason I convinced myself I wasn’t good enough and stopped.

Thanks to Mel Robbins (#mindsetreset) post: “Is it ONE day or is this day ONE?”Β I started posting my drawings on Instagram. I received beautiful feedback and my first clients!

I’m living my energy (=passion).
No matter what people think.

Sparkling me

Hi! I’m Marlies. I like to capture little details; experiences like you were there. The things that make me sparkle and hopefully others too.

In Italy (home base for 2years) I learned to appreciate the power of simplicity. Like good food; a sun ripened tomato doesn’t need much more to be delicious.

Teamwork, respect for each other and the effort that people put in their work, are key to me. I often capture work that has been made by others.

The power is in the attention you give.


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