How does it work?

Are you looking for an unique present for yourself, a birthday, an anniversary, the holidays, a wedding or for friends moving to their new house? The stories are endless and all beautiful to capture.

1. Briefing

During a (digital) appointment we discuss all details, such as: What do you want to have captured? What is the purpose? Private or business use? What is the story behind the drawing?

If a location is nearby, I’d like to go there to see all the details, take photos and get a feel for the atmosphere.

It’s also possible to make a drawing based on photos. These must meet a number of requirements. Every situation is unique, I am happy to discuss the details with you.

If certain details are important (like a bench in the park, a cat/ dog alongside, a particular flower, ecc.) I can work those in.

Based on your input, you will recieve a debrief and a quote.

2. Assignment

There is only an assignment if you agree to my offer and I confirm the assignment in writing.

After agreeing to the offer, I will send you an invoice for the down payment of 35%.

The offers, prices or discounts apply for that moment. So you cannot derive any rights from it in the future.

As soon as I’ve received the down payment (the delivery time starts now), I’ll get started with the drawing.

Once the drawing has been delivered, you will receive an invoice for the remaining amount of 65%. The payment term for tailor-made drawing is 14 days.

3. To work

After receiving the deposit, I start drawing.

I put the drawing in a rough sketch. And work out the details in pen.

To give you a ‘look behind the scenes’, I take some photos of the process and send them on. (Sometimes work goes fast and you get all the photos at once, sometimes it goes in stages).

This is not intended for you to indicate wishes. The creative process is down to me, hence the importance of an extensive briefing at the start.

When the drawing is ready, you’ll receive it from me in the manner agreed in the quotation.


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