To Sparkle

Everybody has a story to tell.
A place they dream of, things they are proud of, or just a little detail that they love. The stories are endless and all unique.

Being able to capture your essence in a drawing is what makes me unique.

Capturing the essence

I make tailor-made illustrations for private and business use.

Capturing your story

A beloved place? A beautiful (second) house? Something that is very important to you?

My framed drawings make beautiful presents for yourself, anniversaries, people moving in/ out of their house.
I even get requests to make copies of it for moving out kids or postcards to send to friends and family.

The essence of your company

How can you stay longer ‘on top of mind’ with your customers?

My drawings capture the atmosfere of your company and they can be used on several items like tailor-made gifts, posters and postcards.

Everything is possible.


What is your story?

To Sparkle - Postcard Rack

Happy clients

Beloved tower

Can you make a drawing of the tower Lange Jan in Middelburg?

My dadΒ spent his working life there, still lives there. De Lange Jan is his view, our ‘beacon’ and always what we first wanted to see when we came back from a trip.

“It was really emotional to give him this present. And he loved it!”

A beacon in the city and in someone’s life. Proud that my drawing is so meaningful. That’s why I do what I do. To Sparkle.

Reflection of the story of our life

In search of a special Christmas present for my husband, Marlies captured the essence and the outcome:

A unique, tailor-made, beautiful understated and awesome reflection of the story of our life and home. Priceless and grateful!

Your business in drawings

Capturing the essence of your business.
Tailor-made drawings used in communications: business cards and postcards.

Really awesome! Thanks for all your work, it was a pleasure to do this with you!”
Hortus Residence

Your (second) house

A client gave her husband this drawing of their beautiful new house.

He was really surprised and very happy with the beautiful drawing. Thank you that you could make and deliver this drawing so quickly!”

Gift for housewarming

What a beautiful gift to give to your friends.

On our housewarming we received a drawing of our own house, made by Marlies. We are so happy with it! Tasteful, nice and personal!”
Hester & Hans

The beginning

As a child I drew a lot. For some reason I convinced myself I wasn’t good enough and stopped.

Thanks to Mel Robbins (#mindsetreset) post: “Is it ONE day or is this day ONE?”Β I started posting my drawings on Instagram. I received beautiful feedback and my first clients!

I’m living my energy (=passion).
No matter what people think.


Sparkling me

Hi! I’m Marlies. I like to capture little details; experiences like you were there. The things that make me sparkle and hopefully others too.

In Italy (home base for 2years) I learned to appreciate the power of simplicity. Like good food; a sun ripened tomato doesn’t need much more to be delicious.

Teamwork, respect for each other and the effort that people put in their work, are key to me. I often capture work that has been made by others.

The power is in the attention you give.


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Marlies Meijerink-Kruger

Do you have a question? Feel free to contact me.