Your company captured in a drawing

Of course we would like our customers to visit us every day to buy something from us. Unfortunately, this is not always physically and financially feasible. So what can you do to stay on top of mind in a unique way?

By giving a promotional gift that connects the identity of your product and the customer or, for example, by giving free cards that portray your company. The possibilities are endless.

They preceded you

Bed & breakfast Italy

B&B Little Dolce in Lecce, Italy uses my tailormade drawings on welcome cards voor het guests and on postcards.

A top woman who has exactly converted the five special characteristic features of the B&B into idyllic drawings. That is het strength.”


Joëlle – B&B Little Dolce

Bed & breakfast Amsterdam

B&B Hortus Residence uses my tailormade drawings in their communications: businesscards and postcards.

“Really awesome! Thanks for all your work, it was a pleasure to do this with you!”

Hortus Residence, Amsterdam

Real estate agent

Promotional gift – This real estate agent gives his high end clients a tailor-made drawing of their house. They feel really ” seen”. And the feedback that we receive it heartwarming.

“We are very happy with you Marlies! Thanks for the great cooperation.”


Real estate agent in Amsterdam


A lunchroom in Amsterdam wanted to surprise it’s guests with beautiful, free postcards that capture the atmosphere af the lunchroom. Clients really appreciated it.


I have captured the services they provide in icons for the new website.


I have captured the services they provide in icons for the new website.

The stories are endless. Let me capture yours.

How does it work?

During a (digital) meeting we discuss all the details, like: what kind of company you have, the purpose of use of the drawings, what ideas you already have, special wishes, the story behind the drawing(s), ecc.

I can capture the building, but often ‘little details’ are as important. And a series of drawings will come in handy for a variety of purposes. Let’s see and discuss the options.

If it’s possible I like to see the location with my own eyes. As I also work from the Netherlands for Italian businesses, both clients and I have experienced that I can also base my illustrations on good photo’s and visuals (also websites and Insta).

After the briefing I’ll send you a quote, with debrief and planning.